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Digital mammography

Mammography is an X-ray examination allowing even the slightest changes in the structure of the breast tissue to be visualised. It is used mainly for identification of breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected early, it can almost always be cured.

Digital is better: less radiation exposure 

We only conduct our investigations with digital technology. It is an advanced, secure, and very gentle examination procedure. Digital mammography uses a significantly lower radiation dose than conventional analog mammography, and delivers excellent image quality.

Full-field digital mammography 

We are on the cutting edge of early breast cancer detection in relying on full-field digital mammography systems that work without a memory film. We use, amongst others, the revolutionary, full-digital microdose mammography system that requires an extremely low dose of radiation. Microdose mammography manages the difficult balancing act between minimum radiation exposure and the best image quality.

Gentle breast screening with maximum security 

Digital technology allows almost instantaneous presentation of the X-ray image on the computer. This enables the doctor to immediately evaluate the images, and make a diagnosis. The recording can also be further processed onscreen, greatly improving the analysis and diagnostic confidence. Due to the fast and reliable evaluation of the recordings, long waiting time for the findings is eliminated.

Expert advice 

We place special emphasis on advising our patients comprehensively and competently, and on close collaboration with the attending physicians. After the examination, we explain the test results to our patients and together discuss whether any further action is required.

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