Whole Body MRI, Carcinom Diagnositc, ImageWhole Body MRI Exam, Carcinom Diagnostic, ImageWhole Body MRI, Carcinom Diagnositc, Image

What role does the examination play in cancer diagnosis?

Full-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used for carcinoma (cancer) diagnosis since it enables detection of tumours in the whole body without any radiation exposure. With malignant diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer or melanoma, metastases (secondary tumours) tend to develop in the advanced stages. Full-body MRI enables detection of metastases of malignant tumours in organs, bones and lymph nodes in the early stages.
If cancer is diagnosed, the prognosis and choice of treatment is determined based on the extent to which secondary tumours (metastases) of the tumour can be found in other organs.

The examination is offered here

The full-body examination is offered at the following location of radiologicum munich: