Radiation Synovectomy, Interventional Radiology Examination, JointsRadiation Synovectomy, Interventional Radiology Examination, Joints

Radiation synovectomy - pain therapy of the joints

Irradiation of the joint from the inside 

Radiation synovectomy (RSV) is a very effective and gentle procedure, used for rapid and sustained pain relief of severe joint pain or arthritis, such as osteoarthritis. Through targeted sclerotisation of the synovial membrane with radioactive substances, lasting relief from pain and inflammation is achieved in most cases.

Gentle and effective Treatment 

Radiation synovectomy is also known as the "gentle" surgery since, instead of an operation; only an injection is needed for the sclerotisation of the inflamed synovial membrane. The patient is hardly affected by this treatment because the associated radiation is minimal as it has a range of less than one centimetre and thus stays limited mainly to the treated joint. The articular cartilage and the surrounding healthy tissue, especially, are not damaged by the treatment. A specialist in nuclear medicine performs the treatment.

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