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When is the examination useful?

Gentle colon-cancer screening

Virtual colonoscopy is useful for anyone who wants to undergo a colorectal-cancer screening, or for evaluation of suspicious intestinal complaints. Virtual colonoscopy plays an increasingly important role in the colorectal-cancer screening since it is a very patient-friendly process compared to conventional colonoscopy.

After an extensive preliminary discussion covering undiagnosed symptoms, pain, family history or pre-existing conditions, our doctors determine in each individual case whether the investigation is needed.

For whom does the investigation make sense?

You should be examined if:

  • you are 45 years or older
  • parents or siblings are suffering from cancer
  • your stool contains blood or a faecal occult blood test has shown positive results
  • you have persistent, unexplained abdominal discomfort
  • you have pain during bowel movements, or sudden change in stool consistency and bowel habits.

Virtual colonoscopy is an important addition in colorectal-cancer prevention even if for the removal of small polyps the "classic" endoscopic colonoscopy is needed.

Control examination of intestinal diseases

Furthermore, virtual colonoscopy is also suitable as a control study for hereditary or inflammatory bowel disease, investigation of intestinal ulcers, or for planning and check-up before and after bowel surgery.

Do they also contribute to the clarification of complaints?

Yes. Sometimes, the initial suspicion that the cause could be a bowel disease is revised. For example, the virtual colonoscopy on one of our patients revealed that his alleged intestinal problems were caused in fact by a pronounced herniated disc.

The mapping of larger body units in high detail resolution is also advantageous in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer since we can immediately determine whether and to what extent a tumour has spread.

The examination is offered here

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